Yenni Diaz

Campaign Manager

Yenni Diaz is a community organizer with over 15 years of experience. As an immigrant woman, she has dedicated herself to improving her community. Her experience includes civic engagement, coalition building, event planning, and policy and electoral campaigns. Through grassroots organizations, non-profits (C3 & C4), and cultural events, Yenni has been working towards socio-economic, political, and cultural justice.

Victor Valladares

Field Director

Victor Valladares is a co-founder of Oak View ComUNIDAD, a grassroots community-driven organization located in Huntington Beach. Raised by a single mother, Victor experienced childhood and adulthood poverty, is formerly incarcerated and a product of public schools. Valladares joined the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) as the Congressional District-48 delegate. Soon after, Valladares accepted an offer with the Bernie Sanders campaign as a California Regional Field Director. In the CA presidential primary, the Orange County team won with 141,143 votes. As a result of the great success in Orange County, he was chosen to work in Puerto Rico as the Regional Field Director.

Kara Zarkades

Social Media Director

Kara Zarkades graduated from San Francisco State University with a BA in Political Science. She grew up in a middle-class family in Huntington Beach and recently moved back to her hometown after finishing her degree. She has experience as a campaign fellow on the Jane Kim for State Senate campaign, a policy intern in SF City Hall, and as a Social Media Director and Field Director on the Khojasteh for Congress campaign. She is excited and impassioned to work on a campaign dedicated towards creating a safer and more equitable Huntington Beach for all of its' residents. 

Marisol Ramirez

Volunteer Coordinator

Marisol Ramirez is an experienced Community Organizer. She is a noteworthy leader that has worked on various campaigns that have impacted Orange County in its entirety. Marisol is driven by People Power. As a Senior Policy Aide in Anaheim, her goals are to uplift communities by initiating policies that will allocate resources to neighborhoods first, the underrepresented and marginalized communities. In addition to her primary job, she is Secretary of the Anaheim Democratic Club, Vice Chair on the Board of Directors for Latino Health Access, and Board Member to Orange County Communities Organized for Responsible Development.

Stephanie Cohen

Policy Advisor

Stephanie began her career in public service in 2013 when she joined AmeriCorps. Since then, her work has focused on promoting educational justice as a vehicle for individual and societal prosperity. Stephanie currently serves as a coordinator and academic advisor for a local non-profit college access program. Through this position, she works with students from low-income families to provide them the resources, information, and support necessary to pursue a post-secondary education. Stephanie studied at Soka University and earned her bachelor’s degree in liberal arts with a concentration in humanities.  

Mark Bixby

Campaign Treasurer

Mark Bixby is a data-driven former Huntington Beach planning commissioner who works to empower residents to have an effective voice over the city hall decisions that impact their lives. He has known Oscar since 2015 when Oscar was a leader in the fight to reduce the pollution from the Rainbow Environmental Service trash facility that was harming the adjacent Oak View neighborhood. Mark believes that transparency is critical in government, and is proud to serve as Oscar's campaign treasurer.

James Bledsoe

Youth Outreach Coordinator

James Bledsoe is a student at Ocean View High School.  A senior, a good amount of his high school career has involved youth civic engagement and leadership.  James is heavily involved with the Junior State of America--a program that promotes bipartisan discussion and activism, as a state-wide executive board member and co-president of his chapter. James has also helped organize marches for progressive causes, register/pre-register voters, host town halls for City Council candidates, fight Poseidon, and volunteer with congressional and mayoral campaigns.  He is incredibly grateful to be working with such a great campaign, for such a worthy and esteemed person.

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